About Us

Have you ever had to take a finger and push your glasses up on your nose? Or have they ever slid off of your face onto the ground? Better yet, have they ever slid off of your face and into the toilet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing Glass Slipperz!

Glass Slipperz are slip resistant temple grips that are made out of waterproof, silicone rubber that slide onto the ends of the temple tips of your eyewear. The rubber material allows them to stretch and conform to most size frames; giving them that one size fits all phrase. We wanted to create eyewear grips unlike any other, which encourages individual style, self-expression, and mainly to reduce two problems; one, to reduce the slippage of your glasses, and two, to help with the comfort and style of your eyewear.

Glass Slipperz - Pink
Glass Slipperz - Pink


The creation of Glass Slipperz was pretty coincidental! I was sitting at my desk at work one day, and I noticed myself constantly pushing my glasses onto my nose.  As I bent down to pick up my badge that I just had dropped, my glasses slipped right off of my face and onto the floor; almost breaking them. So I did a personal study and counted how many times in my 10 hour work day that I pushed my glasses back on my nose. It was a surprising 76 times. When I realized how often I did this, I started watching other people with glasses like my niece, my mom, my coworkers, and even complete strangers, who were all doing the same thing; PUSHING THEIR GLASSES UP ON THEIR NOSES!

Once I realized that this was a problem for me and I was sure many others, I introduced the idea of creating temple grips to my partners.  We immediately started performing our research and noticed that there were a couple temple grips on the market. However, they were either bulky, boring, or simply hurt the back of the ear. So we started brainstorming ideas of creating more modern, stylish, unique grips. We spent over 6 months creating and perfecting the ideal temple grips for all. We enhanced something so boring and bland into something so well-crafted, appealing, and practical.


COLORS: Currently, we are launching with 10 different colors; black, navy, green, brown, pink, tiffany's blue, purple, red, clear, and yellow.


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